Saturday, 19 April 2014

Isle of Wight: Day with the Family

Hello everyone,

Sorry for not posting in so long, I just haven't really had much to post about lately! Anyway, today I went to one of my favourite places in the world - the Isle of Wight. I visit my family there many times a year and every time I go, I never want to leave. I find it so relaxing and everyone is friendly and the atmosphere is so warm and welcoming! Today me and my parents travelled bright and early, so that we could make the most of the day down there. When we arrived, it was really windy and cold but as the day went on, it got much brighter and by the end of the afternoon it was really warm! I took some pictures (when I say some, I mean a lot...) so I thought I would share them with you!

Right at the bottom of this lane is the sea, I don't know if you can see it!

Picturesque cottages, I couldn't resist!

When we arrived in Yarmouth (the village where my family lives), we went for lunch in a Yacht Club but I didn't get a chance to get a picture of my food, as it was all very posh and it was too awkward to just get my camera out haha! Then we did a little bit of shopping and looked round the lovely village. 

I was so tempted to buy this candle but it was a little pricey. It smelt AMAZING though!

These little shops are so me and I love them to bits!

Later on, a few of us went down to the beach and I was chilling with the kids haha...The shadow makes my legs look massive LOL (did I just say lol?) The sea is absolutely beautiful when the sun is shining and we just had a really cute time at the beach!
Of course we had to stop off for an ice cream at Isle of Wight's famous Minghella's!

I chose my all time favourite, mint choc chip! Hmmm

Can we just apreciate the view my Granddad gets from his house! It's beautiful, I'm so jealous!!

My Pop (what I call my Grandpa) gave me this for easter haha how cute his he!?

I will leave you with a gorgeous picture of the Solent sea that I took on the ferry home! Sorry for the overload of pictures but I really wanted to show you guys what I got up to and I guess it kind of makes up for not posting in ages!

Comment below where your favourite place is to go and what you guys enjoy doing with your family!

Lily x


  1. I've only ever been to Isle Of Wight once but I loved it there!

    Taslima | The little things in life

  2. Fab post! I've always wanted to go the Isle of Wight but haven't had the chance to. It looks so pretty! I love that little shop, it has so many cool items that i'd love to buy aha. Don't apologise for the excessive pictures as i love them :) Also thank you so much for passing by my blog, i really appreciate it :) x
    | Life as a Petite |

  3. I love your blog! Here is mine if you are ever interested :) xo

  4. Love your posts!
    Take a look at my new blog and feel free to leave a comment :) there's not much there yet, but it's just a little something, thanks! ♥