Wednesday, 2 April 2014

March Favourites

Hello again,

Where has March gone?! It seriously felt like it lasted 2 minutes! But I have had quite a few favourites for the month of March so lets just get started! I will firstly get the beauty products out of the way...

Lasting Perfection concealer
 I have really been loving the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer! I won't ramble too much about this but it is probably the best concealer out there! It has super good coverage for spots and blemishes and really brightens under the eyes.

Pixie Pink sleek blush

Next I have enjoyed using this Sleek blush in the colour 'Pixie Pink'. I absolutely adore Sleek products because they are super affordable and amazing quality! This colour looks great in the spring because it is a gorgeous bright pink. It is very easy to wear on a daily basis or you can pair it with a smokey eye in the evening- either way, a lovely product!

L'Oreal True Match Foundation

 This has been my go-to foundation in the month of March! I don't wear foundation very often but when I do this is one I use! It blends beautifully into my skin and the finish is fairly matte which is excellent because I have quite oily skin and this doesn't wear off during the day.

Mint Green Barry M

This has got to be my favourite nail polish of March and probably for the rest of spring! I got given this from friend for christmas and have been waiting so long to be able to wear it! Barry M never fail to impress.

Coconut shower gel

As for shower gel, this has been my absolute favourite! As you can see I have already used half of it because I am literally addicted to the smell. Coconut has been one of my favourite scents recently and Original Source products are always amazing!

Not available any more-sorry!!

Also on the topic of skin care, can we just take a moment to appreciate how amazing this stuff is. Raspberry. The Body Shop. Two of my favourite things combined. BOOM. Happy Lily! This stuff is so hard to get your hands on because it is always limited edition, but I luckily bought this a few months ago and only rediscovered it in my room a few weeks ago. Body Shop body butters are my all time favourite moisturisers so need I say more...

Honey Blossom Yankee Candle

Moving onto non-beauty favourites now, this has got to be my favourite candle. This is my second of the sampler sizes because it is such an amazing smell!! Firstly I just love the name: Honey Blossom, it sounds so spring like! Every time I burn this it just makes my whole room smell like spring! Yankee candle... you did good!

And lastly, a very random favourite; NOTEBOOKS AND STICKYNOTES!
I have been feeling very organised this month and I love have pretty notebooks and paper to write on. It may sound silly but having cute stuff motivates me to be organised! This gorgeous notebook is actually from Tesco and the sticky notes are just from the original brand 'Post-it'.

Sorry for such a long post but I have just had a lot of favourites to share with you this month!

Love Lily


  1. Lovely blog post, hoping to do a monthly favorites eventually. I also love the Collection concealer and the Yankee Candles. I got a box of samplers as a gift when i moved and the Honey Blossom was one of my favorites.

    Good luck with future posts :)

  2. I have heard such great things about the collection concealer! Ive wanted to try it for ages, so upset they don't have it in Canada :( Great blog btw! Im glad i stopped by. Definitely following :)

  3. I just love the the Loreal True Match foundation! Such a nice, silky and flawless finish :)

  4. Thanx for your selection!
    i will test
    Ann'so M

  5. great nail polish <3
    lov ur blog

  6. I've been dying to try out the Sleek blush, because I heard many good things about it. Unfortunately it is not easy to get your hands on the brand in my country. Hmmm maybe I should plan a trip to the UK...



  7. Notebooks and stickypads oh my! I love notes/organization/office supplies too! Also, though I do enjoy quite a few of these favourites as well, I have to say, my favorite is the Starbucks cup in the background of the Barry M polish photograph! :)

  8. Oh my gosh, that blush looks beautiful! Great picks and A lovely, well written post :)
    Thank you for checking out my blog, I really appreciate it! :)!

  9. I use that shower gel too but the coca or honey one whichever it is haha, nice blog! :) - Bek